We make it easy for you to find anyone or anything, and more…

We believe that everyone should have a definitive address enabling them to easily locate loved ones, and have access to services like emergency response, e-commerce and deliveries, no matter where they live.

This is the inspiration behind SnooCODE.

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A SnooCODE is a 6- or 7-digit alphanumeric code that acts like a UK post code or a US Zip Code, except over 200 times more precise. A SnooCODE like Accra COF-K8D can locate a house to within less than 7 metres.

But after getting an address, what next?

How will the delivery person get to all 20 different locations on time?
Is there a way to make sure he or she actually made it to the appointed destination?

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And what happens if there is a reported disaster at a particular site?
Can a drone be flown to survey the area for disaster management?

These are questions SnooCODE provides answers to, with its suite of functions that take you beyond locating anyone or anything.

We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ve earned some recognition…


2017 Coca Cola ‘The Next Big 6’ Awards
Award Finalist


2017 British Council Study UK Alumni Awards
Entrepreneurial Award Winner


2016 Royal Academy of Engineering - Africa Prize
Engineering Innovation Prize Nominee


2015 Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Grant

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2014 African Content Awards
m-Inclusion and Empowerment Award Winner

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2014 World Summit Awards
Mobile Content Award Winner


2011 The Institution of Engineering and Technology Awards
International Innovation Finalist


We’re a team of driven problem solvers


Sesinam Dagadu
Founder and CTO

Philip Stedman

Shoiab Oosman


Harjinder Singh

Michael Nkrumah

Zara Abbey
Head of Marketing and PR


Fred Soglohu
Senior Technologist

Emmanuella Ametsi


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