Welcome to SnooCODE for Developers. The following will provide you with some of the core functionality that we offer with SnooCODE. Kindly read through the sections carefully and begin implementing your own SnooCODE-integrated apps today.

Adding SnooCODE Black to your Android Project

To add SnooCODE to your app, you'll need a short snippet of initialization code that you can add to the gradle file. Kindly note that the SnooCODE application will need to be installed on the client device as well.


Generate SnooCODE

In order to generate SnooCODE, you may provide the accuracy you prefer (the accuracy is set in metres, so if you would like to receive a SnooCODE accurate to 10 metres you may input 10 into the address request like we have. Note that the lower the accuracy, the more processing power required). It will provide you with the SnooCODE of your current location.


Resolve Address

To get coordinates for a particular location create a string array containing the country, region, city, and SnooCODE. Pass this array to the function and it will return an object containing the address details. The status informs you of whether it is a valid address or not.


Get Distance

To get the distance between 2 locations, you may create 2 string arrays, each containing the country, region, city/town, and SnooCODE. Pass the two locations into the function and it will return the distance between the two locations, with the 'onDistanceReady' method.

However, if you want to find the distance between your current location and another location, you may pass only one location, which will provide you with the distance in the 'onCurrentLocationUpdated' method.

Moreover, if you have the coordinates for the specific location you may enter 2 parameters: a coordinate and an address (in any order). This will give you the distance between the two locations in the ‘onDistanceReady’ method. Please take note of the way the coordinate is structured.


SnooCODE basics is available in pdf for you to download, click this link to get it today.

If you have any questions, and/or are interested in working with some of the advanced SnooCODE features, please click this link to submit a request, and a member of our team will be in touch.