What is SnooCODE?
SnooCODE is a free mobile app that solves the problem of lack of addresses in Africa. It provides a unique SnooCODE for every location, which serves as a working address.
How does SnooCODE work?
The SnooCODE app generates a unique alphanumeric code that can be used as an address for a particular location or home.

SnooCODE also provides options to plot routes to destinations, save a SnooCODE into an address book, share a SnooCODE and estimate taxi fares between destinations.

How secure is the code generated?

Security is a priority for SnooCODE. A SnooCODE is completely private unless shared or a person you have allowed in your home or location generates a SnooCODE.
How different is SnooCODE from the traditional addressing system?
Every location has a unique SnooCODE which is accurate and easy to memorise. A user only requires knowledge of the alphabet A to Z and the numbers 1 to 9. Children, 
people with a very basic education, locals or foreigners with little knowledge of English can all use SnooCODE quickly and easily. 
Where does SnooCODE work?

SnooCODE currently works everywhere and anywhere in Africa.

Who needs SnooCODE?

SnooCODE is the addressing system for every man, woman and child. 
How do I generate a code for my house or location?
1.Download and install the SnooCODE application from the Google Play store

2. Stand in front of your house or location in question

3. Open the application and press the generate code button

4. A 6 or 7 digit alphanumeric code will be generated.

This is your SnooCODE.

5. Save it, write it down or share it with other people.
What happens when a mistake is made while entering a code?
SnooCODE has been designed with features to identify and correct genuine mistakes made while entering a code. A user can not just make up a code, It will be identified by the built in security features of the system.
Does SnooCODE require everyone in a household to own a smartphone?
No. Once a member of the household generates a code, he or she can then share it with the other members of the same household.