An address for everyone and everything.


A SnooCODE is a private and unique alphanumeric code which allows quick and accurate address saving, sharing and navigation, even when there’s no Internet or cellular access.  

SnooCODE is actually more than just Location.

For individuals and businesses, SnooCODE provides 4 main functions -

Location | Route optimisation | Verification and proof of delivery |
Integration into emerging technologies like drones.  


SnooCODE was launched in 2011 to enable every man, woman and child in the developing world to have a definitive address.

In 2015, SnooCODE was customised for the National Ambulance Service of Ghana as SnooCODE RED to find victims easily and accurately even in the most remote locations.

red 1.jpg

Since then, SnooCODE has been optimised for the entire African content, South America and parts of Asia. This means the codes in each of these areas are well thought of and fine-tuned to suit the surroundings and culture of the people.

For its efficiency, resilience and cultural sensitivity, SnooCODE has earned awards and recognition from several notable organisations such as the Royal Academy of Engineering and the World Bank.

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How secure is SnooCODE?

Security is a priority for SnooCODE. A SnooCODE is completely private unless shared, or a person you have allowed in your home or location generates a SnooCODE.

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Technology doesn’t need to be complicated…

Trust my girl Selma to have her wedding in the most remote, beautiful spot! Luckily, I got there on time with SnooCODE and caught up with all the old girls.

- Esi M., Cape Coast, Ghana