An address for everyone and everything.


What is a SnooCODE?

A SnooCODE is a private and unique alphanumeric code which allows quick and accurate address
saving, sharing and navigation, even when there’s no Internet or cellular access.

‘Cairo 8BG-ZSL’, for example, leads you to the Pyramid of Djoser

3 steps to an address

  1. Stand outdoors and select “Generate Code”

  2. After a few seconds, your unique code appears. Select “Save Code”

  3. Type your location name in the Description field, and save in either the Private
    or Public address book.


An address for every man, woman and child

SnooCODE was launched in 2011 to enable every man, woman and child in the developing world to have a definitive address.

In 2015, SnooCODE was customised for the National Ambulance Service of Ghana as SnooCODE RED to find victims easily and accurately even in the most remote locations.

For its efficiency, resilience and cultural sensitivity, SnooCODE has earned awards and recognition from several notable organisations such as the Royal Academy of Engineering and the World Bank.

About us

The best part of SnooCODE is its simplicity.
— Mohammed-Hanif Abdulai, Circumspecte
This is the most efficient addressing system by far for developing countries.
— Kwesi Kuwornu