What is SnooCODE RED?

SnooCODE RED is an application of SnooCODE specially designed for the Ghana National Ambulance Service (GNAS), in collaboration with the Vodafone Ghana Foundation.

The SnooCODE RED app is used to accurately locate victims in emergency situations, significantly cutting down ambulance response times.

SnooCODE RED is installed on Emergency Medical Technicians’ mobile handsets across ambulance stations in Accra and Kumasi.

Plans are underway to roll-out in the other major cities in Ghana in 2020. 



How do I use SnooCODE RED?

To use SnooCODE RED you need to:-

1. Download the SnooCODE app

2. Generate your SnooCODE to get your address

3. SAVE, SHARE and DISPLAY your SnooCODE for you and your family to be ready in a medical emergency 

4. If a medical emergency occurs, provide the GNAS call handler with your SnooCODE so that an ambulance can locate you in a timely and accurate way 

Download the app and get your SnooCODE today!

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