The following are example of projects that have been developed with the integration of SnooCODE, designed for distinct purposes.



SnooCODE is the answer to the lack of addresses in huge swathes of the developing world.

A SnooCODE is a private and unique location code, allowing quick and accurate address saving, sharing and navigating.  


A mobile application designed specifically for drones, allowing users to obtain aerial shots (images and videos) using a drone. The application makes use of SnooCODE to specify the intended location. 



An e-commerce app designed to allow you to be in the comfort of your home, order Philips bulbs, and have them delivered to your doorstep. SnooCODE is an integral part of the Philips LED app, intending to simplify the process of specifying addresses, to assist those who may not know the address to their desired location as well as eliminate the provision of vague addresses.


SnooCODE RED is an application of SnooCODE specially designed for the Ghana National Ambulance Service (GNAS), in collaboration with the Vodafone Ghana Foundation.

The SnooCODE RED app is used to accurately locate victims in emergency situations, significantly cutting down ambulance response times.