SnooCODE is an addressing system for the rest of us.

Without addresses, many things in a modern society don’t work: from tracking disease and emergency response services to e-commerce and service planning and optimisation.

We believe that everyone should have a definitive address enabling them to have access to these services, no matter where they live. 

We have developed the solution: a system we call SnooCODE.

A SnooCODE is a 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric code that acts like a UK post code or a US Zip Code except over 200 x more precise. SnooCODE allows every man, woman and child with the most basic of education to have a definitive address. A SnooCODE like COF-K8D can locate a house to within less than 7 metres.

SnooCODE allows anyone, no matter how remote or cluttered their geographic location, to precisely pin point their location on any of the available online or offline mapping platforms. Available on Android and iOS, SnooCODE remains efficient without an internet connection or mobile sim card.