SnooCODE is an addressing system
for Africa

The lack of addressing system in the developing world is an overlooked factor for difficult access to essential goods & services. 

We believe that everyone should have a definitive address enabling them to have access to these services, no matter where they live. 

We have developed the solution, a system we call SnooCODE.

SnooCODE generates unique 6 or 7-digit alphanumeric geolocation based codes that can be used to provide directions to any location in Africa, accurate to within 7 meters and completely secure. SnooCODE users require a GPS enabled phone but the app can be used without an internet connection, sim card or cellular signal.

Users only require knowledge of their alphabet A-Z and numbers 1-9 to use it, so people with a very basic education, locals or foreigners with little knowledge of English and quickly and efficiently indicate locations.

SnooCODE is available on Android for Africa.