SnooCODE was launched in 2011 to enable every man, woman and child
in the developing world to have a definitive address.

tinyDAVID Founder, Sesinam “Ses” Dagadu, noticed the impact Ghana’s poor addressing system had on the country whilst working for a local bank in 2007.  Struggling to navigate the capital city of Accra, he saw a gap in the market that needed to be filled. Returning to the UK to complete his MEng Engineering with Business Management degree, Ses started working on the solution to a problem that affects most of the third world countries.

Team SnooCODE continues to find innovative ways to enhance lives and increase productivity in the developing world by building adds-on
to its simple yet robust addressing system (stay tuned!).

SnooCODE is a tinyDAVID product. Click here for more information on tinyDAVID.